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 In addition to our regular service for the purchase of your home, we offer more:

– Request-transfer gas / water / electricity (service)

– Accompany the visa application and address card (service)

– Overwrite car Hungary (service)

– Assistance in opening a bank account and take out insurance. (Service)

– Maintaining your property during your absence. (To determine a fixed amount per month in concert)

– Supervision of the process of emigration. (Service)

– Legal and tax advice through the office and our network. (Fee)

– Setting up a company and everything that follows. (Fee)

Very important :

We can advise you about the dangers of home improvement and ensure that the renovation, on the other hand, is going well. The network is extensive …!

Your renovation is in safe hands! (Determining rate by mutual agreement

Keep in mind though renovating a house is expensive. (even in Hungary)

You ask and we try to deliver it….so do not hesitate to contact us with important questions!

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