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Just to be clear:

In Hungary, it is not difficult to buy a home!

The sale procedure is broadly similar to that in the Netherlands,

  • You have the broker brings buyers and sellers together
  • The lawyer writes the sales agreement and ensures that all cadastral data are correct before purchase and ensure proper land registration.
  • The notary actually pays, unlike in the Netherlands, a marginal role. Notary only records the exact identity of the buyer.

What is important is the location of the property … .the inner area of a town or the countryside of a place.

  • Within the area: his little to no restrictions
  • The countryside: there are restrictions on plot size.

Here we can obviously serve to regulate everything right so you will not have any unpleasant surprises.

Dr. Farkás Tünde Dóra: will extensively in advise and arrange everything in a proper and correct manner.

NEW: One should buy one hectare per person in the outskirts .. Do you have the right qualifications to work as a farmer or gardener and these diplomas are in Hungary recognizes you may buy up to 350 ha.


The Hungarian legislation in this field very clearly!

An option on the house you can get if a 20% deposit is paid.

Important to know: the deposit is NOT the broker but for the seller!

Sometimes it happens that the deposit is paid in cash to the lawyer. You will receive a receipt as proof of payment.

If the buyer does not want to buy the house then the buyer loses the deposit.

If the seller does not want to sell after the purchase agreement is signed then the seller must pay double the deposit as a penalty.

Takes this into account!
Naturally, exceptions to this rule always possible!

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