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NOTE: NEW PRICE PER 01-05-2018 !!


Change calculation and additional service “Costs Buyer”


As usual with official brokers in Hungary, the prices mentioned are based on “buyer costs”. In principle, the seller pays the commission, the other costs for the handling are for the buying party. These are and we call the “Buyer costs”

The exact costs can vary per object, because several factors play a role. In general I can state that one has to take into account on average, in a normal case with an amount of about € 1500, – all additional costs together.

With more expensive objects (more than € 50,000) or if there are several parcel numbers and / or owners, it can be somewhat more expensive. Note: 3.5% with a minimum of € 1500,- !

We clearly indicate in advance what the “Costs Buyer” are in these cases so that you do not face any unpleasant financial surprises and everything is clear to you as buyer / customer beforehand!

In the amount of € 1500, – is (almost) everything included:

  • All bilingual contracts concerning the purchase and registration (NL-Eng or German);
  • All translations; – possible proxies;
  • Assistance with the changing of all utilities and other services;
  • Assistance during the first 12 months after purchase, including legal and practical advice;
  • all fees for the landregistration and other authorities;
  • costs legalization’s


  • One can see that it is an extensive package of services, so that you do not have to worry during the time and after the purchase of your dream house!


This is EXCLUSIVELY the transfer tax that you have to pay to the Hungarian Tax Authorities after the purchase of the property. Here you will automatically receive an assessment from the Hungarian Tax Authorities.

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