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As you may have seen on our website, we also have various renovation objects.

I would like to give some additional information regarding the renovation of a property in Hungary with all the possibilities and dangers.

A renovation has been an adventure in their own country let alone that you will do this in a different country!

Cons renovation:

If you decide to buy a renovation object you should consider that you need to take an extra bag of money because it is not cheap even though there is the view (wrongly) that everything in Hungary would be cheap.

Material costs here in Hungary as well as the same, and sometimes even more, than in the Netherlands!

-The Labor is much lower but …… productivity too! A portion of the savings is “not” done on wages because one takes longer and more people are more concerned …… so more hours …!

– On balance, you are in terms of labor costs or a lot cheaper out, though.

– You get back, even here in Hungary, what you paid!

Pluses renovation:

The big advantage of a renovation project is:

– That the purchase price is very low and you get the nice venue almost free.

– You can determine the amount of the costs and also the time when what to do.

– Everything can be done according to your own taste and imagination.

– You develop your own paradise in Hungary.

Do you have two left hands and have time and patience (and some money) you can try it with no problem …
Do you have a budget … and knows how to reduce costs … .then it’s worth it.
Do not have two left hands and do not have time and patience and little or no budget and you are dependent on “Third Party” then … DONT do it !!!

My most important advice:


We at “at-home-in-Hungary, have the right contacts and will gladly be of service!

Have any questions please contact us.

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